How to get good marks in CBSE board exam in 2018

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Examination when the name comes students pull up their socks and get ready for the preparation. Exams are held not only to score us but to review the knowledge gained by the students. Board exams are considered to be a stepping stone in setting up the professional future of a student. Board exams take a student to another level. Moreover, the marks obtained in a board examination marks the basis of entering our preferred stream for future studies. If you get good marks in your board exams, you are sure to get admission in your favorite college or university. 

Before board exams, pre-boards are held in every school for giving the students an idea of the sample of question paper and their preparation for the final board examination.

Why Are Pre-boards important?

  • Pre-board exams help the students analyse the level of their preparation for final exams.
  • These exams help the students to work on their weak subjects and weak topics so that in the board exams they don’t lack behind in their weak subjects.
  • Students can make a schedule of their studies, food, sleep so that they can make themselves ready for the board exams schedule.

Let’s now go through a few tips that can help a student to tackle the difficult areas before their board exams:

Make a time-table:

Make a time-table to tackle the weaker sections of the studies first and devote some less time to the sections which are well prepared by you. Make your weaker sections stronger first and then do as much revision as you can.

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Make notes:

Starting the revision from scratch is a lengthy process. However, if you make short notes of the main points and draw diagrams, it can help you revise the whole syllabus quickly saving a lot of time of yours. When you write the notes, you memorize more quickly.

Don’t forget the previous year’s question papers:

Solving the previous year’s question papers is a must when you are going to appear for the board exams. It gives you a fair idea of the weightage of each question and the amount of answers required per question.

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Try to understand the concepts:

Don’t follow the theory of mugging up the things as it is going to make things difficult for you. If a question is modified a little, you will be able to answer it as you would have mugged it the other way. So try to understand the concept of each question and make you perform better in the exam.

Group study can be helpful:

If you study in a group of friends, you will have a lot of ideas from different minds and if you conjoin them you will come up with numerous answers to a single question. Moreover, all of you can exchange your knowledge on different subjects with each other and it’s a fact that each one of you will be benefited with it.

A proper studying atmosphere:

Remember if you want to achieve good marks you should be able to concentrate on your studies without any disturbance. So try sitting in your room with your books and your study table only. If you don’t have a study table get one for you today. You can find Amazing Study tables at Urban ladder which is popular furniture selling the online store.


Do believe in yourself and your strength. You need to push yourselves harder to make sure you score good marks in your board exams.

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