NCERT Hindi Book for Class 10 Kritika Sparsh,Sanchayan Kshiti

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NCERT Provides best and most useful books for students. in this article, we provide chapter-wise NCERT Hindi Book in PDF format with a Direct downloadable link. The students who are not able to purchase new NCERT book, they can freely download NCERT Hindi book for class 10 from our website.


The NCERT provides Hindi 10th class book in four different parts with 4 different names which are as given below:-

NCERT Hindi Book for Class 10

  • Class 10 Kritika or Kritika II
  • Class 10 Kshitij or Kshitij II
  • Class 10 Sparsh or Sparsh II
  • Class 10 Sanchayan or Sanchayan II

NCERT Hindi Book for Class 10

These books help Class 10 students to study and score good marks in Hindi subject. you can also read Hindi Muhavare With Meanings and Sentences. which help to improve your hindi explanation.


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You can download NCERT books for any class and any subject from our website.all CBSE and Haryana board exam are setups from these books.Our Website will also provide NCERT solutions of all the NCERT books for class 5, class 6,class 5, class 7,class 5, class 8,class 5, class 9,class 5, class 10,class 11,class 5, class 12 without any cost.


You can Buy Ncert Class 10th Science Book From Online Store:





Sometimes, students confuse NCERT textbooks with CBSE Books, there are a few books which CBSE itself Publish. NCERT textbooks and CBSE book completely separate book so please don’t get confused on this matter.


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You can analyze and download both NCERT books and CBSE books here in PDF format. You can download and read these solutions to score good marks.




NCERT Hindi Book for Class 10:


Course A Hindi Kritika – कृतिका


Course A Hindi Kshitij – क्षितिज


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NCERT Hindi Book for Class 10

 Course B स्पर्श (पद्य) Sparsh

Sparsh  स्पर्श(गद्य )


NCERT Hindi Book for Class 10 – Sanchayan



Benefits of study of NCERT Hindi book for class 10

After download, this NCERT Hindi book for class 10 students also downloads NCERT Solution also form our website. By the practice of question which is provided in these books students get good marks in their board exams and achieve their targets.


The question and the chapter are in these books are very simple and easily understandable by the students.


Very soon we also provide Hindi class 10 notes of NCERT Books and CBSE Books also, so regularly visit our website for other NCERT Books and NCERT solution.


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