Important Applications of Coordinate Geometry

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The most important branch of mathematics is coordinate geometry. Through graphs of lines and curves, it provides the connection between geometry and algebra. Coordinate geometry is considered as a standardized way to pinpoint the specific location. It is mainly used to find the distance between two points. It is used in most of the fields like statistics, physics, geography to find the location of the object. Some of the applications of coordinate geometry that are used in our daily life activities are as follows

Geographical Information System

Most of the satellite navigations use the Global Positioning System(GPS). This technology helps us to find the exact location, time information and predict the weather locations anywhere on or nearer to the earth using the coordinate points. From the law of cosines in trigonometry, it allows GPS receiver to calculate the distance from each satellite. Most of the fairly complex calculations are done with the help of trigonometry using the trigonometry values. The satellites in the space transmit the timed signal to the GPS receiver, from which the latitude, longitude, and altitude to within few yards are determined.


In Computer Aided Designing, “Transformation” is the elementary term used to accomplish the changes in orientation, shape and size. Usually, there are three types of CAD systems are used in order to input, store and display the graphics. Some of the operations in transformations are rotation, translation, reflection, shearing, and scaling. These geometrical representations will alter the coordinate points of the objects which will produce the model geometry.


Mathematics and architecture are closely related to each other. In architecture, the architect’s uses geometry for different purposes. In order to know about the spatial forms, angle measurements, shapes of the building, geometry is used. Architects use mathematical calculations in order to meet environmental goals. Especially for the triangular building designs and to determine the length of the support beams, architects use the Pythagorean theorem. Nowadays, some of the transformations and geometrical forms in the conic sections establish the idea of exemplary architectural designs. Moreover, coordinate geometry allows architects to perform the calculations required for the complex structure to find out the strength, amount of stress and moment of inertia required for the building.

Video Games

Mathematics is used in every aspect of game development. The set of rules are created to design a game. When you look at the rules, the foundations are the root concepts of mathematics. But for the users, it doesn’t seem like maths. Generally, the computer uses numbers to represent the character position on the screen and the number lines are used to find the distance from the left bottom corner of the screen and it is noted as the coordinate point (0, 0). Here, the first point represents the x-axis and the second point represent the y-axis. Each video game designer will set different coordinate points depending upon their criteria.


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