SSC CHSL Study Schedule For Tier 1 in 2017- 2018

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When the applicants get aware of the fact that SSC CHSL exam is scheduled at a particular time then they start preparing for the exam but instead of that, the applicants should prepare for the exam beforehand even before filling up the form. Once they have made up their mind to apply for SSC CHSL they should immediately start studying for the exam. Then they should fill the form and continue with their studies. However, studying without a schedule is of no use and the applicants should make an SSC CHSL study schedule for the same.

If you get a study schedule it will not only keep you disciplined and organized but will also help you in staying ahead of time. You can also be able to finish the entire syllabus before the specified time and can take up more and more practice tests for the same. You have to simply make routine and follow it strictly.

To get a SSC CHSL study schedule you should first check with the syllabus and then divide your time accordingly. Then the next thing which you should do is to follow reference and study materials sticking to the routine. You can also prepare SSC CHSL study schedule for tier 1 at first and then after completing it you can prepare a schedule for tier 2.

SSC CHSL Study Schedule For Tier 1 for Day 1 – 15 : 


SSC CHSL Study Schedule For Tier 1 for Day 16 – 30:


SSC CHSL Study Schedule For Tier 1 for Day 31 – 45:


This way you can finish the entire syllabus with revisions and practice tests. To know how to prepare the SSC CHSL study schedule for tier 1 check tier 1 syllabus and topics and follow the schedule strictly. This way you can also improve your SSC CHSL tier 1 result and can qualify for tier 2 easily. You can also prepare your SSC CHSL study schedule by checking with the SSC CHSL previous year question paper and can follow the same pattern for preparing for the exam. The SSC CHSL question paper with answer key will also be of good help to you in practicing the questions from previous year question paper.

 2nd Guide on SSC CHSL study schedule 


you can follow SSC CHSL study schedule to crack ssc in 30 Days:


  • Study  Week 1: General Awareness
  • Study Week 2: Reasoning/ General Intelligence
  • Study Week 3 : Quantitative Aptitude
  • Study Week 4 : English Language

So, without wasting any time prepare your SSC CHSL study schedule for the coming SSCH CHSL exam and it will become easier for you to prepare for the examination. All you need to do is know the topics and go through them once to check which one is tougher for you and then distribute your time accordingly to each topic so that you can cover all of them in the meantime. To know more about the syllabus you can simply visit the official website of SSC CHSL and you will see the syllabus in detail and can also download the PDF for the same.

Having a SSC CHSL study schedule will channelize your effort in the right direction and will help you to give your 100% for the exam. Moreover, the SSC CHSL study schedule will keep you aligned with the exam and you can also take time for your typing and skill test. Since you have to qualify two tiers and one skill or typing test so the schedule will help you in doing so.


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